Category #1 Comic Book Based TV Series(Live Action)

Comic Books are the OG medium for expressing extremely imaginative stories in a picture aided manner.In this blog I’m only going to cover Marvel and DC based properties along with a few well know independent ones.

*I’m Only covering post 1990 productions since the older ones are harder to find and thus there is no need for a casual viewer to know about them.*

So Strap In…..

1) Series based on Marvel Comics

When it comes to marvel TV series,i like to divide them in 2 ages/eras,The post-MCU Era and Pre-MCU “Era”

  • The Post MCU Era  

The Post MCU Era has the popular TV Series Like Agent Carter,Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,Daredevil,Jessica Jones,Luke Cage,Legion Iron Fist

All the above tie into the the main MCU in varying degree.

Agent Carter and Agents of Shield deals with the MCU in a direct manner ie he plot is affects by the Films while the rest of the series have just passing references to the larger universe EXCEPT to Legion,which deals with the X-Men Universe(But not affected by the films).

  • The Pre MCU Era

The Pre MCU Era contains only two series Mutant X and Blade: The Series.Both are kinda OK but that’s it.I personally haven’t seen them and the have a neutral Reputation.

Upcoming Series:The Defenders,The Punisher,InhumansNew Warriors & Cloak & Dagger.

2)Series based on DC Comics

Just Like Marvel,DC’s TV series can also be split into 2 eras,Pre-Arrowverse Era and Post-Arrowverse Era.

iZombie,Lucifer,Preacher and Powerless are also part of the marvel lineup,but only Lucifer has even a modest following.

Gotham on the other hand is quiet decent but stands alone and has just 3 seasons so far but going strong.

Upcoming Series:Krypton,Scalped and Black Lightning.

3)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been dishing out Turtle power since the 80’s and so far there have been 3 series of which 2 are animated and thus an’t be discussed.Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation is the only live action TV series and has a bit of a cult following. Its extremely cheesy but fun to watch.



There are a few other ones out there but the above ones are good enough to begin with…..



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